- New Year's ice fairy tale "Snow King" and "Snow King-2", starring Evgeni Plushenko and Irina Slutskaya;
- charity festival of Alina Kabaeva "Alina";
- Big Love Show - 2017;
- Polina Gagarina show «Performance» and»
- Dima Bilan show «35 indivisible»
- Christina Orbakaite show "Insomnia."
- Perfomance Polina Gagarina at Evrovision 2015
- Angelika Varum show in Crocus City hall
- Stas Mihailov show in Olimpic Stadium, VTB Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg
- Emin show in Crocus City Hall
- Zara show in the Kremlin 2016, 2017
- Nadezhda Babkina show in Theater Russian song 2016
- «Big love show» 2017
- Egor Creed show 2017
- Mot show 2017
- Festival «White night» in Saint Petersburg 2017
- International festival «The Voice of Astana» 2017
- Anastasiya Spiridonova show in the Kremlin 2017
- «Nautilus Pompilius» show Moscow and Saint Petersburg 2017
- Stas Mihailov show «People's corporate - 3» in the Kremlin 2017
- Alexey Nemov's sports show «Legends of sport. Rising» 2017
- The musical show «The Haunted house» Ice Stadium Saint Petersburg 2018
- «Big Love Show 2018» in SC Olympic
- Special rooms for the international professional music award «BraVo» the Bolshoi Theatre, the Kremlin 2018
MOT (Crocus City Hall, 2017)
Crocus City Hal, April 8 - Mot big solo concert ("Black Star" artist).

The show program was divided into 3 thematic blocks: lyrical and hip-hop parts, as well as a set with live musicians. To support Matvey in a solo concert came Timati, Egor Creed, Misha Marvin, Scrooge, and Ani Lorak.
"I came up with the idea to divide this story into 3 parts, as if the hero lives 3 different lives: lyrics, jazz, hip-hop, and the idea worked," Aleksey Golubev, director of the concert, said.
Egor Creed (Crocus City Hall, 2017)
Big Love Show (2017)